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The People Behind EGCA

Any organization is only as strong as the people behind it. The President and Fellows of EGCA represent a wide range of backgrounds and skills, but they are united in their commitment to protecting the world's electric grids from cyberattack. 

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Founder & President of EGCA

John Miri, a 25-year technology and cybersecurity veteran, launched the Electric Grid Cybersecurity Alliance (EGCA) after serving as Chief Administrative Officer at LCRA, a $1.1 billion public electric and water utility. Miri led the successful turnaround of 22 divisions at LCRA and pioneered the utility's approach to cybersecurity. He created LCRA's first CISO role, grew the team from one person to 28, and expanded the annual cybersecurity budget to $8.1 million without raising electric rates, successfully repelled billions of cyber-attacks, implemented three AI systems for cyberdefense and resilience, and earned recognition from NIST as a global success story.


In the words of EGCA Fellow Bob Greenberg, Miri's leadership took the utility's cybersecurity “from worst to first."


Before LCRA, Miri led Bluewater Innovation Partners, offering digital transformation and cybersecurity consulting. He co-authored Texas's first statewide cybersecurity strategic plan and established the state’s first integrated Network and Security Operations Center. He graduated from Harvard College with an honors degree in Physics and is primary inventor on U.S. patent number 7,571,138

Our EGCA Fellows

The EGCA Fellows are the charter members and advisors whose insights and support have made EGCA a reality. Their support for the utility community, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to innovation have been indispensable to the creation of this consortium. Without their faith and vision, EGCA would not exist.

How to Find Us 


Electric Grid Cybersecurity Alliance

98 San Jacinto Boulevard, Suite 400

Austin, Texas 78701


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