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Learn How to Be Cybersafe with Cyber Game Night!

Want to learn how to protect yourself from cybercrime in a fun and easy format? Do you remember those "choose your own adventure" books from your childhood?


Our "Cyber Game Night" is a fun activity you can do by yourself or in a group to learn how to be more cybersafe online. It takes about 20 minutes to play (ages 5 and up).


The Game Begins: The Unexpected Lockout

The evening sun is casting long shadows across your room as you power up your laptop, eager to finish a project that is due in just two days. The screen glows to life, but instead of showing your familiar desktop background, you get a chilling message:


“Your files have been encrypted. Pay $500 USD within 48 hours or lose your data forever.”


A sinking feeling settles in the pit of your stomach. All of your work, family photos, and personal files are on that laptop. You think back to the news stories about ransomware gangs making millions by locking people out of their computers and demanding money for the decryption key. You didn't think it would ever happen to you. 

Taking a deep breath, you try to decide what to do next.

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