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Uniting Utility Leaders to Protect the World's Electric Grids from Cyberattack

Cybersecurity is a team sport. Join up.

Does your utility have a successful cybersecurity program? Can you call a trusted network of peers to ask questions? Do you know what other utilities are doing -- and how your program measures up? When you have to make a tough call, who has your back?

Ted Koppel,

Author of Lights Out

“It is not easy to convey how and why the electric power grid is so surpassingly vulnerable to cyberattack.”

Jen Easterly, 

CISA Director

In the event of a conflict, China will almost certainly use aggressive cyber operations to go after our critical infrastructure.

John Miri,

President of EGCA

“Cybersecurity is a team sport. No utility can protect the whole grid on their own. Working together is the only path to success.”
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